Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Conflict and Empathy: Understanding the Other Person’s Design-PART 1

Whether we like it or not, when we interact with other people they often influence the way we think and feel about ourselves. Sometimes as we experience another person’s strengths they unintentionally make us feel like we don’t measure up in some way. For example, someone who is extremely organized and efficient may make us feel like we are extremely un-organized and un-efficient, whether that is actually true or not. As you may have noticed in your life, these feelings can lead to resentment and conflict with that person.  

That is why learning to recognize the designs of others through Human Art is so important. When we are able to understand that person’s design we can identify and comprehend why we feel the way we do around them. As a result we can start appreciating, instead of resenting, that person’s strengths and beauty. 

In the same way, when that person understands our design (or vice-versa, remember we may have the same affect on someone else), they can be aware of how they may be making us feel—which can lead to improved communication, appreciation and understanding of one another. 

Now, think of a specific person in your life. It could be anyone. Someone you have a conflict with, a parent, sibling or spouse, a co-worker, or someone else that you interact with often. Download the attached quiz and answer the questions in all four sections about this person.  Repeat with as many people as you’d like, then check back next week for Part 2 to learn what your answers mean. 

Until then, remember, everyone is a masterpiece! 

Download the Conflict and Empathy Quiz 
(Note: click the download icon on the form to save it to your computer. Open PDF file and you can fill out the quiz on your computer! File can also be printed.) 

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