Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Color Trends: Moving from Winter to Spring

Sitting at my desk this morning I was receiving alerts about color trends from companies I work with that predict upcoming fashion trends. I love the theme or feeling they have all communicated this year for moving from winter trends into spring and summer trends.

One thing that is important to understand is these companies carefully think about color and how color trends affect or influence what is going on in the world socially. Some even take a broader view like politics or current events and how they are impacting us in our daily lives and then attempt to balance that theme with colors they select. A lot of thought and psychology goes into it.

As I read each one of these reports they all seemed, to some degree, to touch on how this winter had its fair share of heaviness, even amongst the light moments. Examples might be the constant flood of wars threatening…Shootings...Grief of any kind. So in order to impact us in an effort to balance things out the colors that are being used moving forward have a lightness to them. The thing they all have in common is a peacefulness that runs through your sub-conscious mind and floods your body when you are exposed to them. They bring a lightness that has the ability to balance that heaviness out. Sometimes we are not even aware of what it’s doing for us, other than we are drawn to the color and love how it makes us feel.

When thinking of trends it is important to bring in good colors for that particular time and it is equally important to put them together in great combinations. Here are some to consider:

Sky Blue with a Quiet Gray

The color blue represents the intangible—free movement and free thinking. It promotes positive introspection that leads to inspiring thoughts. It can't be controlled. It has its own system of finding order and it works. Trying to control blue is like trying to fence in the ocean; you can try but it won’t last.

With the blue you add a calming or quiet grey. This can be matte or metallic: matte if you want it more Grayed or Blackened and metallic if you want it Whitened or Saturated. The grey quiets things down. It promotes security in oneself. It's a confidence that cannot be molded as much as it just authentically exists. It's like quick silver. The more you try and squeeze it in your hands, the more it drips through your fingers. But if you let it just be, carefully holding it still in the palm of your hand, it stays as it is in a mass that doesn't change at all.

My suggestion is to make the majority of the outfit in the greys and add the blue as an accent. Bring in small amounts of another color in socks or makeup, or even a tie or scarf.

Quiet Brown or Taupe with a Small Hint of Red (but make the hint count)

The brown represents the core. The core of anything. It is the place or person we all come back to because it makes us feel grounded. It's like a wise old medicine man. It is not forceful or dominating. He has so much to offer as far as wisdom, support, and emotional insights but he doesn't go around selling anything. He patiently waits for you to seek him out, then gives you all he has to offer as far as support and security. This is the feeling brown gives us.

Red is passion and physical activity. It tend to get things moving and gets us moving and can't help but extract our true talents with all that passion it brings when we see it. When you add small doses of red it bring bursts of inspiration and movement, moving things forward in small steps that have big and substantial results and effects.

Some of the best ways to marry the red with the brown is with lipstick, fingernail polish, socks, ties, jewelry or backpacks or bags.

Accent Must Haves

Anything mustard. But with a zest or spice added. So think of how you like your mustard when adding it to a dish. Are you a plain mustard person? Use that color. Do you like jalapeƱo mustard? Use that color. Maybe you are a horseradish person. Then wear that color as an accent. Just depends on how spicy you are feeling that day. Match it to your accessories. 


Another important accent color is a clay color. Think of when you buy pottery; the richer the pottery you like, the richer the colors you will select.  Remember, we want them light feeling. So when you pick them, pick them in more neutral colors for the Grayed design, rich and light for Blackened, light and clear for Whitened, and bright but light for Saturated. Go look at a pottery display or exhibit and look at the variety of colors. This light clay accent is fabulous for shoes, boots, saddles, jackets, sweaters, and is even great for lipstick. Bracelets—men's or women's—are a great way to bring this color on. Be adventurous and wear a clay colored watch or ring.


Have fun with this! You do not need to change your entire wardrobe, but add a few pieces in these colors and it will update the basics that you already have in your closet and help move you forward this spring. Wear what feels good to you. Remember, if you love it when you see it then it is probably your design.  And, as always, remember everyone is a masterpiece. 

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