Saturday, June 13, 2015

Meet Holli: Human Art Ambassador

We are so excited to be introducing Holli Ames as our new Human Art Ambassador! As part of our team Holli will be the liaison between you, the client and our Human Art business team to make sure you are being heard!
She will be working to best anticipate and meet your needs, and will also be responding to your questions in an “Ask Holli” column that will be introduced on the blog soon!

With Holli on our team, we hope to make your experience and interaction with Human Art even better! HolIi has a knack for understanding what a consumer is most likely to want and need. She takes her experience as a mom consumer and associates degree in accounting and puts it all together to meet the needs of each client.

Her attractiveness can be defined with the word possibilities! She can always see the possibilities in any project and in each person she encounters. Using that unique attractiveness, she will be able to bring Human Art and your experience with it to a whole new level! We can’t wait for you to see what she can do!

Message from Holli:
I am thrilled to be joining the Human Art Team as an Ambassador! My journey with Human Art began over 10 years ago when Brook was speaking at an event I attended. I knew instantly that Human Art was going to be important in my life. I introduced myself to Brook after the event and have been involved in Human Art ever since.

The greatest gift I have received from Human Art has been the permission to be “me”, exactly as I am and to accept others exactly as they are! The idea of everyone embracing that idea is so exciting to me.  I use the tools I have learned from this program in every aspect of my life—from being a better communicator to choosing the best puppy for our family.

A little about me: I am the mother of 2 amazing children, who are by far the best thing I’ve done in my life and are now off doing exciting things with their lives! As a retired “helicopter” mom I am now member of the “empty nest” club! I have decided to embrace it and am in a discovery phase of life…finding what brings me joy.
”The person you have been is not the person you will remain. Think of this as both a challenge and a gift.” I have accepted that challenge and am doing my best to find the gift! So far on my journey I have re-discovered my love of snow skiing and found a great group of ladies to laugh with every Wednesday on the Mountain. I also reconnected with my husband, joining him in his favorite sport, snowmobiling. I have broken my foot hiking (it was awesome!), learned to wake board, become a student of life, ran a couple half marathons and found the love of my life, Hank, my vision impaired golden doodle (I really did consult Brook on his design). I am up for any adventure and have taken the words “I can’t” out of my vocabulary.  One of my most freeing moments was finally going through my closet and getting rid of all the clothes that I might fit in some day or just weren’t my design. 

I have done none of this perfectly, but always with a smile on my face and Brook on speed dial!

Human Art truly is a life changer and the best gift you can give yourself and those around you! Your life and perspective will forever be changed.

I am so humbled to be joining the journey!


Watch for the new “Ask Holli” link on the blog this week where you can reach out to her with your questions, concerns, or special requests and where she will post her own thoughts and responses to you! We know she looks forwarding to connecting with you! 

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