Monday, May 25, 2015

The Colors We Crave

What does it mean when we are drawn to color? We all crave color. That is one of the reasons we can have a big closet of clothes in front of us, and still say, "I have absolutely nothing to wear today." Because whatever it is we crave may not be in our closet that day.

Each day we wake up and find ourselves in different circumstances and different moods. The color we desire to surround ourselves with in that circumstance usually ends up being the remedy for what we need emotionally and physically to forge forward with our tasks.  

Case in point. On one particular day working at Human Art one of our employees was skeptical of this theory. We were discussing it and it made sense to her but, still needing to process it, she decided to go to lunch. When she returned she had in her hands a green soda drink, some bright green licorice, and a pack of green spearmint gum. The interesting thing about this lunch selection was she had purchased her food at a local meat market that also provides lunch. Not really the standard purchases when she usually went there. When she came back she said, “I don't even know why I chose these items for lunch." I explained that they were all green and explained the attributes that accompany that color. Green is healing and has the ability to refuel or revitalize you. It represents tranquility and order. Think of when you go to the mountains and walk or run or ride a bike; it feels like you can go forever. But when you come back to the city and the absence of the green it seems like sometimes you can only do a half a block. Because of the rejuvenation of the green while you're in mountains you seem to have more energy and be able to go longer. As I explained this to the worker she related that was exactly the traits and attributes that she was craving that particular day. She was tired and really was craving some tranquility.

When you are craving a color and need to (and DO) surround yourself with it you are desiring the traits that color possesses. So think of what color you might be craving and the correlating activity that you might need in your life.

When we crave red we are craving our authentic talents. Red is a grounding color. It helps put our feet back on the ground and allows us to move forward in the best way we know how. When we need red we usually need more physical activity in our lives.

When we need orange we need more social experiences, or sometimes just more connections with people in the social events we are already part of. Orange can bring people together and help them interact in a more meaningful way.

When we crave yellow we are craving liberation and initiative. Yellow clears the cobwebs of confusion from our mind and allows us to break out in new and liberating ways. It is clarity. It is like the sun shining on a dark day. When we crave yellow we need to jump into activities and get going on them. Usually when we need yellow we lack initiative and just need a jump start.

When we crave green we need peace and tranquility, but we also need structure. When we need green we usually need to [provide structure and organize our life. When things feel chaotic and uptight green is the answer. The task is usually organization or creation of structure the areas that we are in charge of.

When we crave blue we are craving introspection. It is time to sit down and think about what we need based on our own thoughts; our own connection and morals. We start with what is important to us; without somebody else telling or dictating to us what we need. Blue is intangible. We can't control it; it is completely out of the box. It is like the sky or the ocean—free to think or move in whatever way it desires. Trying to control blue is like fencing in the ocean. You can try to but probably won't be that successful.

Violet it is how we express ourselves. It allows us to see things clearly and get in line with our true self and true convictions. It allows us to get back on track with our inherent qualities and talents. It opens us up to emotional creativity.

Indigo is when we crave our authentic self. We just need to be put back together at a cellular level. Indigo helps us see the beauty in ourselves, our surroundings and the life that we created. When we need indigo we need to go out and relate and work with and collaborate with people in the way we do it best. It's like an infant when they are young they love who they are no matter what anyone else says or believes. They may have their hair a mess, a dirty diaper and food dripping down their belly, but you cannot convince them that they are not the most wonderful person on the planet just the way they are. Indigo takes us back to that.

So look at the colors each day see what you crave and allow yourself to be exposed to that color and involved those types of activities that you need. Be true to who you are and think about what you need to be authentic. And remember: everyone is a masterpiece.

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