Friday, January 23, 2015

Innocence is the beauty of the whitened design. We can’t help but be happy and laugh when in the company of a whitened person.” 
(From “Human Art: Understanding Your Own Personal Design, by Brook and Rod Thornley, p. 39)

COLOR: Pure chroma color with white splashed in, known as a “tint”
Whitened Color Wheel

LINE: Circles and parts of circles, repetition
Whitened Line

SOUND: Constant, rapid speech, giggly  
MOVEMENT: Bouncy, animated, busy, maximum amount

VISUAL FEATURES: Youthful, natural, animated, inviting, cheerful, “cute”. You will see the lines described above in their bone structure. -see the pictures at the top for an example

CENTRAL FOCUS: Social, fun, connect with others

THOUGHT PROCESS: Takes in information very quickly, spontaneous, non-structured, non-conforming, unassuming, trusting
Whitened Thought Process

PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS: Extroverted, lighthearted, spontaneous, energetic, childlike, silly, loves change, social, can be noncommittal

IN NATURE: Bunny rabbit, valleys and fields of wildflowers, the daisy
Whitened-Bunny Rabbit
Artwork by Donna O. Kearney
The feeling you get when exposed to things and people that are Whitened is animated. It’s fun, youthful, and spontaneous. 

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