Friday, January 23, 2015

“We innately recognize these people and surroundings because, when exposed to them, we automatically stand a little straighter or sit up in our chairs. Even when describing these elements we become quiet. We have the same reaction when we walk into a black tie event: it demands our respect.”  
(From “Human Art: Understanding Your Own Personal Design, by Brook and Rod Thornley, p. 35)

COLOR:  Pure chroma color (color in its purest form, nothing added to it), known as a “hue”
Saturated Color Wheel

LINE:  Ovals, parallel lines, fast diagonal lines
Saturated Line

SOUND: Authoritative, articulate, stately, advanced vocabulary

MOVEMENT: Still, minimal, controlled, sleek, precise     

VISUAL FEATURES: Striking, sculptured, dramatic, serious, polished, symmetrical. You will see the lines described above in their bone structure-see the pictures at the top for an example

CENTRAL FOCUS: Quality, competence, accuracy

THOUGHT PROCESS: Logical, clear thinker, decisive, sees things in black and white
Saturated Thought Process

PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS: Introverted, sophisticated, intimidating, competent, influential, controlled, efficient,  private, can be uncompromising and controlling

IN NATURE: Black panther, snowy mountain tops, pine tree
Artwork by Donna O. Kearney

***************************************************************** The feeling you get when you are exposed to Saturated people, animals and things is contemporary. It’s controlled, still and precise. 

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