Friday, January 23, 2015

The grayed design brings a refinement and a grace to the earth; whenever we see these elements we slow down and experience life.” 
(From “Human Art: Understanding Your Own Personal Design, by Brook and Rod Thornley, p. 43)

COLOR: Pure chroma color with gray carefully stirred in, known as a “tone”
Grayed Color Wheel

LINE: length, curved lines, an elongated  ‘S’ shape
Grayed Line

SOUND: Eloquent, reserved, minimal, small voice

MOVEMENT: Graceful, languid, flowing (almost like they are floating rather than walking)

VISUAL FEATURES: Dignified, subtle, mysterious, delicate, distinctive, soft. You will see the lines described above in their bone structure--see the pictures at the top for an example

CENTRAL FOCUS: Detail-oriented, enjoy the experience

THOUGHT PROCESS: Complex, idealistic, intuitive, sensitive, worries, sentimental, takes time to process things
Grayed Thought Process

PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS: Introverted, proper, meticulous, diplomatic, romantic, empathetic, soft-spoken, prefers to observe rather than participate, can be indecisive

IN NATURE: Afghan dog, swamp regions, Weeping Willow tree 
Grayed-Afghan Dog
Artwork by Donna O. Kearney
The feeling you get when exposed to things and people that are Grayed is elegance. It’s peaceful, graceful, and romantic. 

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