Friday, January 23, 2015

“The blackened design and traits are wonderful. These people just seem to know how to deal with life. They also possess a very natural attractiveness. They are the ones who look great sitting on a rock, wearing leather, while the wind blows through their hair.” 
(From “Human Art: Understanding Your Own Personal Design", by Brook and Rod Thornley, p. 47)

COLOR: Pure chroma color with black dumped in, known as a “shade”

Blackened Color Wheel

LINE: Angular, vertical lines forming right angles, geometric patterns
Blackened Line

SOUND: Loud, rough, deep

MOVEMENT: Deliberate, medium, abrupt, purposeful

VISUAL FEATURES: Bold, rough, defined, strong, powerful, natural, rugged, exotic. You will see the lines described above in their bone structure-see the pictures at the top for an example. 

CENTRAL FOCUS: Get the job done, resourceful

THOUGHT PROCESS: Compartmentalizes, task-oriented, ordered, realistic
Blackened Thought Process

PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS: Extroverted, assertive, direct, confident, practical, efficient, bold, realistic, strong, can be overbearing

EXAMPLES IN NATURE: The lion, the rugged plateau regions, a great oak tree
Blackened - Lion
Artwork by Donna O. Kearney

The feeling you get when exposed to things and people that are Blackened is rugged. It’s natural, earthy, and exotic. 

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